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At Let's Grow, our Experience curriculum helps children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning. Our preschool program is filled with play, investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully designed learning environments, and enriched activities, teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life!

Call us at 732-252-9906 or send us a message!

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How can I enroll my little one?

Open enrollment is happening now for the 2023/2024 school year! Please contact the Center Director at 732-252-9906 to secure your spot.  

Download and complete the Enrollment Form and Universal Health Care Form listed below and return it to the Center in-person or via email at

Let's Grow Enrollment Form
Universal Child Health Record

Once you fill out an enrollment form and submit a non- refundable $100.00 registration fee, your child is ready to GROW with us!




While the energy level in the classroom is high to meet the spirit of the Blossoms, our teachers maintain an environment that continues to foster a joy of learning each day.

Our Early Childhood Education curriculum will prepare your child for Preschool, as well as build and strengthen the cognitive and social skills needed for their future learning, with activities and lessons that include:

  • hands-on, fun learning practices

  • verbal communication techniques

  • developmentally-appropriate activities in an encouraging environment

  • potty-training skills and MORE.

Busy Bees

Ages 2-3 years


Sweet Peas

Ages 3-4 years

Our Sweet Peas program is structured as the first formal introduction to “academic” learning for your child. We introduce various tools and skills they will need for their future school experience, all tailored to their specific age:

  • a focus on cognitive, social, gross motor, and fine motor skills

  • classroom structure experiences (writing, counting, letter sounds, etc.)

  • imaginative play, music and social skills, art and academics, motor skill play through blocks and climbers, and cognitive development through introduction to the alphabet, puzzles, brain games and MUCH more.

Sunshine Sunflowers

Ages 4-5 years


Our Sunshine Sunflowers Program is primarily geared toward “Kindergarten Readiness,” where we are introducing new themes and concepts each week.

We ensure that when your child completes our program, he or she has all of the tools needed to start Kindergarten:

  • writing skills and identifying all letter sounds and sight words

  • math, science, social studies and logic skills

  • self- expression though story, play, art and more!






















Our Center is protected by 24-Hour Video Surveillance to keep our Children, Parents and Teachers safe!  

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